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Our Improvement will never end.



Welcome to United Systems – Your construction solution.


Are you searching for the most modern technology in the construction industry? Do you need a solution that will help you reduce your costs significantly? Would you like to work with professionals who fully understand your needs? do you have a post tension company and looking for high quality products?


If your answer is yes to any one of these questions, United Systems is the right partner for you. When you choose United Systems, you are trusting your commercial construction needs to specialist suppliers in concrete technology. We offer cast iron anchorage production, and strands used in commercial pre-stressing concrete technology. In addition, we supply and install post-tensioning components and systems. This state of the art technology is widely sought after since it offers extensive economic advantages in commercial construction industries. At United Systems, care has been taken to focus on and understand the needs of our clients, as well as the reception of this technology by the commercial construction industry in the near future.


United Systems is proud to be recognized as one of the largest specialist suppliers of post-tensioning components and systems in Australia and the United States of America. Our focus is to be your construction solution. 

We aim at making a difference in the construction world and are glad that most of our clients are embracing the new technology. Our focus is to be your construction solution. We strive at giving our clients highly professional and personalized customer service that will help them realize their targets in the construction industry. This is achievable because we have a strong team of dedicated and qualified staff. We aim at making a difference in the construction world and are glad that most of our clients are embracing the new technology.


United Systems has been in existence as a specialist supplier of a variety of technologies and products for the construction industry. We are amongst the largest companies in this field, and we work with concrete reinforcing steel, from the design stage until installation. When it comes to pre-stressing and post-tensioning concrete technology, we can produce heat tested and approved cast iron anchorages that are suitable for commercial use.


We have an excellent team comprised of qualified specialists in various areas of construction. They provide professional theoretical, physical support and advanced engineering solutions. In addition, we can produce excellent designs for our clients needs, and we can also turn those designs into reality as we construct buildings, bridges, towers and other projects on a global scale.


Before we prepare all the required technical documentation to kick off and successfully complete our projects, we ensure that we have complied with the ACI or AS code, by conducting a complex calculation to meet required standards.


Our client is king, and so we take time to engage with the client so that we can identify and understand the requirements from that perspective. This makes it easier for us to provide the very best products and services. We are also able to offer advice on the alternative modern solutions that are replacing traditional construction, and what it requires to apply monolith post-tensioning technology. Our work process is supported by accurate documentation on post-tensioning and the latest licensed software applied all over the world, which we maintain courtesy of our detailed database.


Our tensioning equipment is used in a variety of applications including bridge decks, post-tensioned flat slabs and ground anchors amongst others. As a supplier, we have available a range of anchorage products which include anchor plates, wedges, chucks and much more. All of these supplies are manufactured in-house using only the highest quality steel. Components are heat-treated and tested to the highest possible specifications, including 100 percent magnaflux inspection and individual load-testing to ensure trustworthy performance.


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