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United Systems uses state of the art technology to offer commercial construction solutions, particularly with concrete. In order to do so, we offer the services of a team with certified professionals from various disciplines. These professionals include engineers and technicians, who are at hand to assist our clients with equipment solution and other related needs.


As we are the technicians, and our clients may not be, we ensue that we create cost estimates that are thorough, yet simple to understand. From these, we can supply the required constructions materials with a quick turnaround time. All our materials are of the highest quality, and they meet global standards.


At the height of our customer care is our determination to complete all our projects on time. In addition, we offer economically viable construction solutions.

We enter into relationships with our clients for the long haul, so we do long-term surveillance and maintenance of our projects, as well as structural repair when necessary.



Our services cover a wide scope, and they appear below: -


1.            Post Tension Materials Supplier

2.            Post-Tension Repair And Recovery

3.            Post-Tension Bars For Columns

4.            Value Engineering

5.            Slabs On Grade

6.            Supervision Of Projects

7.            Elevated Structural Slabs And Beams

8.            Bridges, Tanks, Piers And Other Related Work

9.            Transfer Girders.

10.         Jobsite Technical Assistance And Troubleshooting

11.         Cost Analysis

12.         Expert Consulting

13.         Parking Garage Barrier Cables

14.         Project Management

15.         Mat Foundations

16.         Design Assistance And Engineering Support

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